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Let’s talk about the textile style sensation taking over the internet and where you can get your hands on some new gorgeous, fluffy white furniture pieces #treatyoself – this is Bouclé, and we are here for it.

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What is Bouclé Fabric?

Bouclé derives from the French word meaning curled or ringed.

The term bouclé is used to describe a yarn, a fabric. Bouclé yarns have a looping structure that gives them a distinctive bumpy appearance and feel.

The fabric is equally nubby and velvety, with surface imperfections caused by the numerous looped fibers giving the fabric a look that’s different from the smooth weaves and piled surfaces you’re used to seeing on a sofa in homes these days.

And even though the heavy fabric is prone to gathering crumbs, due to the looped yarn that makes up the textile, it’s a super simple way to add texture to a space and an easy method to make any room feel warm.

A bouclé item can be made of various materials, ranging from wool and cotton to rayon and viscose, and it’s being used more and more in modern furniture as it makes the perfect fashionable fabric chair.

The History Of Bouclé

After architect Florence Knoll urged designer Eero Saarinen to develop a chair that you could “truly snuggle up in,” the fabric style became popular in the United States during the 1940s.

Saarinen’s classic Womb Chair popularised the soft wool fabric, which led to bouclé’s popularity in other mid-century furniture designs. Throughout the 1950s, the nubby texture was widely included in clothing designs by Chanel.

Is the Boucle Trend back in style?

Without a doubt, Bouclé is back, and it is back with a vengeance. Starting its comeback in 2018, it is only now that Bouclé is fully hitting its stride.

Some of the fashion magazines were not loving it at the start of its resurgence. But regardless of what ‘The Wall Street Journal’ thought of the latest Trend. The Bouclé sofa has been used on the cover of major fashion magazines in the past year. Therefore attracting the public’s eye, who have ultimately decided that Bouclé was fabulous, setting the trend booming.

Celebrities are full-on loving it.

It’s virtually impossible to go through Instagram right now without coming across the trend, thanks in large part to the many celebrities who have adopted it in their homes.

From actor Gabrielle Union to fashion designer Christian Siriano, everyone has flaunted their bouclé-covered items to the world, demonstrating the fabric’s adaptability and attractiveness in various ways.

Why do the Public Love it?

With times being a little upside down, people are longing for home comforts with a textured finish. Turning their homes into a comfortable safe-haven from the world, and what is better than a fabric that’s akin to your favorite cozy sweater? It is the perfect way to get that grounded, safe feel from your sofa or accent chairs.

How to Style your home with Bouclé

Bouclé is now commonly used to provide softness to couches, chairs, throw blankets, accent pillows, rugs, and other items. The twisted wool fibers are incredibly long-lasting, and they look great on upholstery.

Creamy whites and light neutrals are what you commonly see the fabric in as it brings an additional layer of interest to a modern space without adding color.

Neutral, simple interiors require some diversity in textures, so using Bouclé offers you a range in texture while keeping your desired neutral palette. Especially as people spend more time at home now. Therefore having warm and inviting decor is essential.

The fabric works best on furniture that has a sleek modern design that has no decorative frills. This is because the fabric adds all the texture, and adding frills will make the piece busy and confusing with too many design elements.

It’s about adding more architectural elements to the mix.

If you love the Mid-Century Modern Style, you will know that it is all about clean lines and hard edges. But by adding Bouclé to this trend, it has just ever so slightly softened the crisp aesthetic.

Bouclé Throw Pillow

If you want to just dip your toe into the latest craze, a cushion or throw, something reasonably inexpensive that offers just that touch of textured accents is the easiest way to add a bit of bouclé to your design. So you don’t have to commit to a major makeover.

Bouclé Throw Blanket

Placing a Bouclé blanket draping over the edge of your bed will give you an instant boost of comfort and style.

Bouclé Rug

Adding a beautiful textured Bouclé Rug to the floor will instantly give your wooden floors a warm, natural texture that will feel heavenly under your toes. Imagine getting out of bed in the morning to be greeted by luxurious textures under your feet. It will give you a boost to your morning routine.  

Bouclé Swivel Chair

But if you are here for the trend and want to go all-in, then a Swivel, Bouclé covered Accent Chair is where you should draw your eye.

Recovering, perhaps by yourself, is a terrific way to modernize your old swivel club chair. It’s a lovely, cozy texture fabric for a structurally box-like designed chair to soften the edges and make it feel a bit more feminine overall.

Editor's pick

FresNo Swivel Chair

Boucle Accent Chair

Maybe you’re looking for a fashionable new white accent chair? Who isn’t?!

Having a Bouclé Accent Chair in your living room or even your bedroom is a great way to bring in the elements of modern forms that architects and interior designs are championing in Home Designs at the moment.

With curved edges and the look of comfort, these accent chairs are a great way to have this soft fabric, on a statement piece of furniture, without having to dedicate the majority of your space to a large, plush fabric sofa.

Whether it’s a white accent chair or any other color, bouclé is the way to go right now.

One of my favorite Bouclé Furnishings has to be this stunning Fresno Swivel Armchair.

With the Fresno Swivel Chair, modern elegance meets outstanding comfort. Featuring the iconic looped fibers, its curved design and orb-like shape is elegantly upholstered in a textured, nubby textile, creating a warm and welcome statement in any seating arrangement.

This Bouclé Accent Chair is the perfect example of how beautiful and chic Bouclé can be and why it is making a huge decor trend making a comeback in design for modern homes.

Best Bouclé Chairs

Accent Armchairs

Boucle Atticus Armchair

The Atticus Chair has a design that you’ll like from every angle, with a deep, sink-into-me seat and a sophisticated mix of natural materials.

Linear ash wood arms wrapped in real leather coils add extra warmth and that extra touch of softness to the textured Bouclé upholstery.

While a sleek, steel frame creates a streamlined aesthetic that works in any modern space.

Bella White Teddy Armchair

With this traditional barrel accent chair, you can wrap yourself in comfort and glam vibes.

To provide a long-lasting sitting solution, premium elements were used in the design. This faux shearling chair has been designed with comfort, adaptability, and style in mind to be a long-lasting addition to your house.

The padded seat and back are made of high-density foam for maximum comfort. This barrel chair has an unmistakable charm and is available in a lustrous cream faux shearling fabric.

Boucle Bentwood Armchair

This armchair, which is upholstered in textured ivory boucle, adds warmth to any sitting arrangement, living room, or reading nook.

Its bentwood-constructed arms ooze sculptural grace, while natural oak wood invites a bit of the outdoors within.

You can definitely see where the design has taken cues from Danish furniture designs.

Boucle dining chairs

Boucle Hagen Dining Chair

Boucle Hagen Dining Chair This sculptural dining chair is fully upholstered in a textured boucle.

The design will enhance your dining space due to the chair’s oozing characteristics and exquisite charm to your table.

They have a nice and comfortable floor to Seat Height of 19.25″

Your guests will not be disappointed to come to your dinner parties with you having Bouclé offerings such as these dining chairs.

Great for dining, or just buy one as a white accent chair.

The Bottoni Dining Chair is uniquely modern with a lush, cushioned style finish.

Handcrafted by professional artisans in a region of Italy recognized for its furniture creation. They are a family of artists and craftsmen who build each chair by hand, and hand-sew upholstery padded with dense foam is sustained by flexible support.

I was stunned at how the finishes are meticulously applied by hand with multiple layers of stain and distressing, using techniques passed down from one generation to the next. 

Many things make this a perfect white accent chair; featuring a romantic, feminine, and scalloped-edge art deco design, this chair will complement any dining space.

Italian artisans have produced the chair from solid beech and birch-wood frames reinforced for years of assured comfort.

The seats are luxuriously padded with high-density foam, and the beautifully inclined backrests are accented by delicate contrast welting.

Hand-finished legs are also meticulously made, with multiple coats of paint and artistic distressing to mimic a naturally aged appearance.

Luxe Bouclé Sofas

The Flynn sofa is an instant classic with its stunning curves.

Expert craftsmanship and ecological materials are chosen for their exceptional quality are matched by chic, midcentury styling in a kidney-style form.

The frames are constructed of solid, responsibly sourced oak by craftspeople in North Carolina. Underneath the cushions, a supportive Flexolator suspension composed of recycled steel provides uniformly spread, firm yet flexible comfort. Plus, the plush upholstery is packed with dense, eco-friendly foam and poly-fiber for a comfortable, “sink-into” feel you won’t be able to resist.

The Owen Sofa

If you love the Scandinavian design for comfort, you will love The Owen Sofa. 

Featuring deep seats and cushions that you immediately sink right into proves that this chair is all upholstered in a rich, textured polar performance Bouclé fabric.

Modular designs may be configured to fit both small and large living spaces, allowing you to create the ideal layout for your house.

Bouclé Ottoman and Footstool

The Ashby Ottoman

Suave and classy, with classic, midcentury-inspired silhouettes, this ottoman has it all!

It appears to float above your floor because of the inset feet. The deep seat is generously upholstered and hand-fitted in elegant, highly durable, and almost unstainable Bouclé fabric.

The subtle, neutral tones on the ottoman will enrich every living space with a sense of comfort, richness, and relaxation.

It is also won’t take up to much ample space, making this a most desired item for storage.

Boucle Louise Storage Ottoman

This classic spherical ottoman is upholstered in a textured boucle with maple solid wood feet. It has a plush top cushion that not only provides a comfortable place for your feet to rest but also removes to expose storage for magazines, shawls, and other entertainment accessories.

I think that the Bouclé Louise would be fantastic as a dressing table stool, as it can hold all your hairdryers and straighteners to hide the wires.

Bouclé Rug

Safavieh Natura 

Hand-tufted with soft, glossy wool yarns to create contrasting textures such as large loops and flat surfaces with depth. This casual rug is distinguished by a variety of braided designs, twill, and boucle effects.

This rug is perfect for any room of the house due to the virtually un-stainable fabric, allowing you to have the latest design trends without worrying about the cream color dirtying.


Is Bouclé good for sofas?

Bouclé is now widely used to add softness to sofas and other furnishings. The twisted wool fibers are very resilient, and they look great on furniture.

How do you clean bouclé furniture?

Boucle fabric seems very low in liquid absorption, making it ideal for upholstery because it is easy to clean.

For spillages, avoid over-saturating the fabric or allowing water to pool in seams. Any excess water and moisture should be soaked up as soon as possible. Use a clean, soft white cloth, a natural sponge, or a nylon soft-bristle brush with lukewarm water with a gentle detergent to remove water-based stains. Light, rapid strokes should be used to remove the stain.

Spot clean the same way; use a gentle detergent and use light, rapid strokes.

We advise professional upholstery cleaning for any heavy soiling.

To minimize any fading that can occur, it’s best to keep any furniture out of direct sunlight.

Is Bouclé Soft?

It is, indeed, extremely soft!