The Best Wine Subscription Service

Let us be your wine insiders on where to get the best glass of wine delivered to your door as a monthly shipment, so you don’t even have to lift a finger.

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During the pandemic, not leaving the house was an enforced law, which in some ways was great, we all got to sit in our backyards, drink a lot of vino and bask in the rays when we weren’t helping the kids with their schooling.

The only problem was when we ran out of wine!

We all believed we’d stocked up on necessities at our essential trip to the store, but we never did. Which left us all looking into delivery and subscriptions.

Well, I definitely looked into getting wine delivered.


There are two types of wine subscriptions. There are those that send you bottles that are suited to your taste preferences and those that send you bottles that they think you’ll enjoy.

They usually send the wine subscription box of full-sized bottles out once a month. It will feature, depending on your subscription, 6 full-size bottles, with a wide selection of wine that has been chosen from your taste profile, to help you find your new favorite wine.

No matter what type of wine is your tipple, the idea of these wine subscriptions is to bring you perfect wines for your taste.

White Wines, Red Wines, Rosé, Sparkling Wines and Champagne are all options.

Not only do the premium wines and boutique wines come from your own country but there are a lot of international wines as well as organic wine that gets featured too.

I absolutely love this! Because we can’t travel around the world right now, having this delivery is like getting a little slice of that holiday feel by just drinking wines from places we would love to visit in our backyards.

Now I am guilty of getting alcohol delivered and I did subscribe to a Beer Subscription box for my other half, just so he would stop drinking the wine! But it turned out to be really fun and exciting. Getting the box once a month was just enough to try all the new drinks. And we found some new favourites.

After a good experience with the Beer Subscription Service, I decided to go on a hunt for a Wine Subscription Service.


Firstleaf was recommended everywhere. Google loved it, Facebook loved it and of course, the Instagrammers did.

But I also saw adverts for the Martha Stewart Wine Club Which is also a Monthly Wine Subscription and mixed wine club. I thought it looked really interesting and she does have a good selection of delicious wines for wine lovers.

But it got a lot of mixed reviews, and it wasn’t getting as much hype as Firstleaf.

So I gave Firstleaf a look.

Firstleaf is a Wine Club brought to you by Philip James. He wanted to create a Wine Club that was customer-centric with Wine that was of great value and with an excellent wide range of monthly selections.

He only partnered with the best Wineries and Winemakers, therefore avoiding the middlemen such as distributors and retailers. He brought the wine from the Wineries who use organic grapes and produce high-quality wines straight to the customer’s door.

And they will only send you the good stuff, a wide range of wines grown and bottled in far-off countries like France and Argentina, along with extensive
tasting notes and winemaker profiles.

His business has grown and grown purely on just how much people love his service, wine knowledge and for the fair price.


Firstleaf is the online wine club that makes choices based on a member’s preference. Meaning that in every wine shipment, the members will get a collection of new wines that are tailored to their tastes.

Firstleaf has even gone a step further and has gone to the winemakers to create and develop wines based on their customers’ taste profiles. So their wine selection is forever evolving with some major exclusives.

Having a wine Subscription is completely worth it if you want wine delivered to your door once a month, and are wanting to try new bottles of wine tailored to your tastes. Rather than standing in the store and making a guess and possibly wasting your money and not enjoying the bottle.

Leave selecting a bottle of wine to the wine experts and you’ll enjoy all the natural wines the company has to offer.


I also loved the fact that if you don’t like the wines then you could get your money back. As they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Which is brilliant. Normally with a subscription box they usually just say ”Oh that’s a shame, maybe you’ll like next month’s collection better.” However true that statement is, I know that I am someone who doesn’t want to pay for a case of wine that I don’t like.

So having this 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is an extremely attractive quality of this monthly wine club.

Another reason I was interested in Firstleaf was that they have over 100,000 customers. So they are obviously quite a popular wine subscription and well established. But not overrun. So I was hopeful that the customer service, should I ever need it, would be good.


After our own hearts, Firstleaf created a blog that holds so much information on wine and everything surrounding wine, which makes them the perfect wine club.

It’s like a little directory on how to be one with wine! I was fascinated that I could read and learn about ‘How to hold a wine glass’. I mean, it’s something that I’d never even thought about.

It also features tasting notes and recipe pairings, brilliant if you are cooking that extra delicious meal and you want to make sure that the pairing of the wine is just as beautiful as your food.


They have an Online Wine Shop section where you can purchase individual bottles of favorites that you’ve tried from the monthly delivery, or just purchase even if you don’t.

I was shocked at how reasonable the prices were! I mean I thought they would start around the $50 mark but half that and that’s what some of the bottles cost. Obviously, they do have the bottles that are in the hundreds, but I do expect that if they are producing and working with quality Winemakers and Wineries and different grape varieties.

It was also a good look at what wines that they can offer or have offered before in the subscription box. I could categorize my search not only by the grape but by the region too.

Plus you could also buy bundles, which I thought makes a great gift!

Okay, so I was hooked.


‘Take the Quiz’ is a section on their website where you answer a few short questions so that they can get a glimpse into your wine preferences. This is how they can tailor the subscription box to your tastes. So if you answer it wrong, it’s your fault!

After a few days of doing the quiz, the tailored to you box will arrive. (which can be to your home, office, or wherever)

If you don’t like a bottle, ring up the ‘Wine Concierge’ and you will revive a bottle that you will like on them! Remember to rate the wines you do like. This all factors into the wine that you receive.

Wine drinkers

So if you are a wine connoisseur, a wine enthusiast looking for a Wine Subscription, like myself, or if you’re simply a casual wine drinker, looking to try wine delivery services, I think we should all sign up to Firstleaf wine club.

They have wines from all over the world, limited production wines, and exclusive access at an extremely affordable price, so fill up your wine racks – I can’t wait for my next shipment of wine.



Sign up for the monthly subscription, and answer all the questions on your profile. The company will then create a box of wine that will be delivered to your door that will all be based on your taste profile.

The price depends on your subscription service.


They do in fact include Vegan Wine. You will have to select, in your profile and preferences, that you want to only receive Vegan wine.


Firstleaf has won multiple awards for the title of ”Best Wine Club”.

After examining dozens of wine clubs, we’ve decided on Firstleaf as our top option for the best wine club. Prices, shipping, wine expertise, wine kinds, and wine quality were all considered in the decision.