A glass of cold, crisp rosé is a clear indicator that summer has arrived. This season, we’ve tried, tested, and read so many reviews to make sure you’re only drinking the tastiest, most delicious Rosé this season.

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Whispering angel

Of all of the Pink Wines, from different wine brands and wine grapes, we felt this was the best rose wine to taste this summer!

It is trending everywhere! The blush wine is the no.1 best seller at Selfridges, and the highly positive reviews are pouring in. Making this wine our favorite wine to try this summer.

Whispering Angel  is a sensual, sun-kissed blend of Grenache, Vermentino, Cinsault, Syrah, and Tibouren, one of the newest Provence Rose Wine and its most popular addition.

This wine, made by Cave d’Esclans, has delicate crimson and tropical fruit aromas, making it ideal for summer.

A great point to make about this blush rose wine is that it is not an expensive rose wine. We thought the price was outstandingly reasonable!

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Total Wine

Our full review of this beautiful sweet pink wine will be coming  soon!

Keep your eyes on our social media for updates on this and more. 

what is rose wine?

Commonly misspelled as Rose Wine Rosè and Rose’ wine. Rosé has become the “it” wine in recent years, thanks to its attractive pink tint and refreshing taste on a hot summer day, and it shows no signs of fading.

Rosé is a wine category, similar to reds and whites, rather than a distinct grape variety.

While it is made in the same way as other red wines, the time it spends fermenting with grape skins is reduced. The rosé’s characteristic pink color comes from the reduced skin contact.


Roses are red, but rosé is pink, and in 2021, it’s the summer’s top drink.


Miraval Studio Rosé

Our second favorite wine for this glorious summer season is the Mirval Studio Rosé.

In 1977, the Wine estate’s owner, jazz musician Jacques Loussier, erected a recording studio on the property, which welcomed international performers such as Pink Floyd, The Cure, AC/DC, Wham, Sting, and The Cranberries and Rammstein. 

This is an excellent wine for any music lover as it has a great history. But it also has this incredible depth of flavor as it has a refreshing acidity and a crisp finish. 

This French wine is dryer on the pallet, and my recommendation for food pairing is Oysters.

Perfect for Everyday

Cupio Pino Noir Rose 

Not only does this Blush wine have Floral aromas, but it is also fresh and has notes of raspberry and strawberry fruit and citrus. This South Australian wine is outstanding. This fruity rosé wine is juicy due to the redcurrant and raspberry flavors, a hint of minerality with stone fruit and citrus notes, and a crisp acidity, which is nicely balanced by the subtle creaminess and natural acidity.

This is a dry Rose wine and is excellent for easy summer drinking. Stock up your fridge, too, as this wine is on the list of Best Rose Wines for under $20!

Perfect gift

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut  

Laurent Perrier Rosé and the Ritz, Tiffany & Co., and Chanel No.5 are a symbol of style. This sparkling rosé is presented in a curvy, 17th century-style bottle and has been aged four years to add depth.

This gorgeous pink fizz is a pleasure at any event, with exquisite vivid flavors of wild strawberries, raspberries, and ripe cherries. It will be a hit with your guests.

Or it comes in a customized gift box that is beautifully packaged.

We thought that this pinot noir grape was an incredible, reasonable price for a Champagne! 

Perfect for Parties

Martha’s Spring Siping Rosé Case

Of course, we couldn’t do a wine listing without mentioning Martha!

She’s hand-picked three delightful Rosé wines from European vineyards, including two bottles of each of her favorites from France and Spain, for this particular collection that will make a lovely present for the Rosé wine connoisseur in your life.

Finca del Marquesado Rosado, with aromas of fresh-picked strawberries, mandarin peel, and white nectarine. Or award-winning, Racine Pays d’Oc Rosé, a light and refreshing sipper with a robust fruity flavor. Bernard Magrez Rosé, another award-winner, is bursting with raspberry and red fruit aromas, as well as tart gooseberry notes for a refreshing finish.

This collection comes in a Case of 6 or 12. Perfect for our summer parties in our backyards. 

Longview June Adelaide Hills Nebbiolo Rosato Rosé

The Boat Shed rose has a lovely light pink color with a faint orange hue and scents of lifted orange peel, ripe strawberry, and musk. Beautifully refreshing.

A tiny portion of the Longview vineyard is planted with the famous Nebbiolo Rosé clone (CVT CN111), which is perfect for making great dry Rosés.

I just wanted to mention that the bottle design for this wine is stunning. It’s beautiful, elegant, soft, and exceedingly feminine. 

Perfect for Luxury & Low Calories on a Budget

Tread Softly Rosé

The color of this good rose wine is a pale pink that fits into the classic Provence “pale and dry” spectrum.

The rose flavors are strawberries and rose petals, which fill the nose with aromatics, a beautifully perfumed scent.

Compared to past vintages, the palate is graceful and effortless, with subtle berry and candied fruit drop flavors that linger long on a gentle, dry finish.

This wine is food friendly too! But equally as enjoyable on its own.

This wine is also a low-calorie wine. Perfect for a guilt-free afternoon of summer fun.

High-End Luxury

Fleur de Miraval Champagne Rose

Miraval, one of the world’s most popular Rosé brands, co-owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as well as the Perrin family in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, has just released an extremely limited edition rosé champagne. It is the only champagne dedicated solely to rosé champagne, with just 20,000 bottles made for the debut edition.

Fleur de Miraval Rosé Champagne is a blend of 75 percent reserve Chardonnay grapes and 25 percent young Pinot Noir grapes, giving the wine its faint pink color. Made using the “saignée” method.

The result is a vibrant and fresh Rosé Champagne with tart redcurrant and raspberry flavors and a subtle minerality. This champagne is lacy, elegant, and complex, with delicately structured bubbles; it’s perfect as an aperitif or to pair with a sophisticated entrée like scallop salad with citrus fruit.

This bottle of high-end champagne is a one-of-a-kind, and spectacular present for someone special, or even just to treat yourself! 

Perfect for Picnics

Rose Dry with Bubbles Cans 250mL –

Whoever thought of putting wine in a can is a genius! They are perfect for popping in our handbags and taking them to picnics. As we all dream of sipping a gorgeous glass of rosé in the park surrounded by friends, but bringing wine glasses and the glass bottle is just completely impractical!

These rose flavors are pleasantly refreshing with hints of floral notes. It is the no.1 Australian ready-to-drink Rosé in a can. 

This Rosé is one of the dry styles and mildly sparkling!

Perfect for Vegans & Organic Rose Lovers

Organic Hill Rosé Organic PF 2019

The Nero D’Avola Rose has a gorgeous strawberry pink color and is full of fruit aromas.

On the palate, it’s dry, well-balanced, and accompanied by a strong acidity that lasts.

Enjoy as an aperitif with tapas, raw fish, fresh salads, or alone with seasonal fruit in excellent company.

Due to the Organic Rosé’s production methods of this wine, it means that it has no preservatives, resulting in a young, fresh, and vivid Rose that should be drunk young.

Non Alcoholic Rosé

Taultila Espumoso Rosado Non- Alcoholic Sparkling Rose

This Pink Rosé is the ultimate luxury for anyone who prefers non-alcoholic wine.

It’s beautifully rich in color, refreshing flavors, and the bottle’s design wouldn’t make you think that it’s non-alcoholic. 

We want all our guests to feel special when hosting our dinner parties and garden parties this summer, so having a non-alcoholic option is crucial. People will need to drive home, yet they still deserve something delicious.

This wine will be perfect for making mocktails and make all your guests feel included.

This wine comes at a great price, as you will receive two bottles of rosé upon delivery!


Rosé has a flavor profile similar to a light red wine but with brighter and sharper overtones.

Common rosé wine flavor descriptors:

– Fruits. specifically, fruits that are red (strawberry, cherry, raspberry).

– Flowers

– Citrus

– Melon

– Celery 


1. Select a respected region

Wine regions can be challenging to identify, even for experts, because the world of wine is continuously changing and evolving.

However, you must begin somewhere, and my best recommendation is to start with the tried-and-true regions such as Cotes de Provence, California, Bordeaux, Northern Spain, Australia, and Oregon.

If you’re still not confident, here’s what you can do. Consider your favorite red grape wines (like pinot noir).

Almost every red wine-producing region also makes rosé wine. Therefore if you like the red wine from a particular region, you ought to try the rosé as well.

So, if you like Spanish ‘Tempranillo,’ you should give their rosé a try. 

2. Select a recent vintage whenever possible

Rosé should be consumed as soon as possible and as young as possible. It doesn’t have the same qualities as Red Wine.

That means you should buy, to get the best rose wine, 2020. This vintage year will allow you to experience and get the most authentic flavor of the pale pink wine.

3. Determine if it will be a sweet or dry Rose Wine

The alcohol by volume, or ABV, on the label, is the key. Anything higher than 11% will be considered a dry rosé.

Is Rosé Sweet?

If you enjoy sweet wines, the rosé with the lowest alcohol content will be sweeter.

Italian rose wine & french rose wine are more dry rosé wines that are crisp and acidic. Still, new-world regions like California rose wine, South American rose wine, and Australian rose wine are fruitier and sweeter.

Some of the most common types of sweet rosé wines include:

– Rosé, White Zinfandel

– White merlot

– Pink Moscato

4. Take a look at the wine color

Darker rosé has a significantly richer texture that will feel fuller in your mouth and might be a fruity wine in taste than lighter hues with more delicate flavors.

Neither color option is wrong. It is down to your personal preference and taste buds.

For example, provençal rosé (made in southern France) tends to be pale pink, sometimes salmon-colored. 

5. Select your preferred grape.

Rosé wine can be made from any red wine grape. And the flavor profile will be dominated by the rosé’s primary grape.

Pinot noir rosé features tart red fruity flavors like cherries and notes of strawberry, while cabernet rosé includes black fruit scents like blackberries and black plums.

The grapes to the cold weather


We hope you found our 10 best luxury Rosé wines for summer 2021 useful and would love to hear what your favourite rose has been this year.

As an added bonus we’ve concocted our very own recipe for the perfect Rosé sangria for you to give a try at home using one of the best dry Rosé wines in our top 10 selection Studio by Miraval Rosé which we will be uploading soon, keep up to date with our social media to catch this recipe and more.

Fruity and Refreshing Summer Rosé Sangria Coming soon!



Rosé has a flavor profile similar to a light red wine but with brighter and sharper overtones. Fruit flavors like wild strawberry, notes of cherry, ripe raspberries, and ripe peaches are what is commonly described. 


When it comes to meal pairings, rosé is surprisingly a versatile wine.

Aside from making an excellent aperitif in the sunshine, the beautiful pink wine pairs great with fresh salads, goats, cheese, grilled fish, and an Italian rosé with antipasti.  Or a rosé, white zinfandel, pairs excellently with spicy food.


Many people believe that all rosé is made from a mix of white and red wine, although most bottles are made via skin contact or as a “saignée.” Only rosé Champagne allows red wine to be blended with white.