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We Tried the Most Popular Rosé in the World



Here at Pure House, we were lucky enough to grab a couple of bottles of the gorgeous Pale Rosé that is taking the world by storm. We are so excited about Chateau D’Esclan Whispering Angel and can’t wait for you all to try it!

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For centuries French Wines have dominated and inspired winemakers. So it’s not surprising that the most popular rosés come from France. They are made from Grenache or Syrah grapes, but Whispering Angel is 100% Pinot Noir. This makes it unique among other French rosés as well as any other pinots around the globe.

So why does the US Love it? It’s because it is a beautiful pale pink in color, with bags of fruit flavors and aromas of fresh strawberries, raspberries, peaches, apricots, honeydew melon, white flowers, and hints of spice.



Whispering Angel has been available on tap since 2010, when it was first introduced in California. In 2011, it became available nationwide through select bars and restaurants, including The Breslin Bar & Lounge, The Palm Restaurant, and The Spotted Pig.

In 2012, Whispering Angel began appearing in grocery stores across America, where it quickly took off. Today, it is sold in over 2,000 locations throughout the country, and then it hit WORLDWIDE.

FACT: Whispering Angel accounts for almost 20% of all Provencal rosé consumed in the United States!

Whispering angel has become organically branded as: ‘The cool thing you drink’ – so you can see how its popularity has leapt up over the past few years.


Although Whispering Angel is stunningly perfect for the hot temperature, it’s definitely not just a summer drink anymore because it is a lighter style of Rosé.
You’ll find Whispering Angel year-round. And if you’re looking for something different than your typical white wine, look no further.


It starts with its name. Whispering Angel is an old-fashioned term used to describe someone who whispers sweet nothings into your ear while they’re kissing you goodnight. And if you think about it, that explains precisely how this wine tastes – like a kiss.

When Chateau d’Esclans Vineyard started promoting the blush wine in 2007, the market for Rosé was small. It was only drunk by the rich folks in the holiday towns.

It was particularly trendy, and the only reason they drank it was because they had more than likely visited Provence in France.



The chateau’s cellar structure or foundation (known today as the oldest in the region) housed an original Chateau that the Comte de Provence gave to Gérard De Villeneuve in 1201.

The original château is now the only cellar that remains and dates back to before the 12th century.

The château is known for its old Grenache vines, which produce grapes that offer a greater concentration of flavor than do the younger vines.

Patrick Leon’s secrets to making Whispering Angel Château d’esclans harvesting occur from sunrise to noon to avoid the heat of the day.

The Grapes are then taken to the cellar, where they are manually sorted and then go through Optical Sorting.

All Grapes which go into Vivification are perfectly de-stemmed and have the correct physical characteristics Winemaker Patrick Leon looks for.

Why is Whispering Angel so Popular?​

Whispering Angel immediately became popular in the United States. With a brand strategy of ”Follow in the Footsteps of the Millennials”.

Whispering Angel went from a whisper to a roar thanks to brand collaborations with SoHo House in New York, Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the Fontainebleau in Miami.

They built a following on the best promotional strategy ever; Word Of Mouth.

We thought that this pinot noir grape was an incredible, reasonable price for a Champagne! 


Whispering Angel is part of a family of Rosé wines

The Palm, a new, even more, affordable choice ($15), Rock Angel, a slightly more complex Rose costing around $28 and Garrus, a premium $100 rosé, are all part of the Whispering Angel family of rosés. Garrus was dubbed the “best rosé ever” by Suckling.


The Best Rose

Some big names in the Luxury & Affordable wine seekers profession have tried and commented on this beautiful Rosé:

“The best thing I’ve ever tasted.” – Robert Parker Jr., Wine Advocate
“A delicious blend of strawberry and raspberry flavors…a very pleasant surprise!”- James Suckling, San Francisco Chronicle
“It has an elegant balance between fruitiness and acidity…”- Michael Broadbent, Decanter Magazine
“This is one of those wines where you don’t want to drink too much of it.”- Eric Asimov, New York Times

The Rosé ranked in the top 10 for many awards won among wines from the region: The Decanter World Wine Awards awarded the 2014 vintage Gold. The Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition was also awarded Gold.


All Wine Enthusiasts absolutely love this wine.


  • It’s the winemaking process (by Sacha Lichine and Patrick Léon) which uses only natural yeasts and minimal handling during fermentation. These techniques allow the fruit flavors to shine while keeping the wine light and refreshing.
  • The bottle itself is designed to be both modern, timeless and simple.
  • The History of how it introduced itself into the market and how it has blown worldwide.
  • And the bottle price. It’s a Decent Price if you want a Wine that is just that touch more special for everyday drinking.


Stef's Whispering Angel Review

SO WHAT DID WE THINK AT PURE HOUSEWhen I first opened the box to reveal my delivery, I noticed its beautiful pale color. I only tend to see richer Rosés as of late, and it was a pleasant surprise.

The wine bottle design is simple. I liked that. Nothing too fancy.

Do you also find that when a bottle is overworking the design, that they might be trying to hide something?

With every bottle of Rosé I’ve ever had, I popped it in the fridge for a little while as usually it is best to drink Rosé cold. Plus, it was a hot summer’s day, and the thought of drinking a cold glass of pink wine in the afternoon sun sounded heavenly!



While waiting for the bottle to chill, I got out my super lush LSA Glasses. I thought that this wine deserved The Best glassware as this wine is supposed to be the Best Rosé Wine in the World, it had to be done justice! These LSA Glasses are stunning, by the way. They’re delicate, exquisite, and slim. To drink Rosé, you’ll need a Wine Glass like this. You shouldn’t be using anything overly large or hefty. I can’t recommend these glasses enough!  

Picnic blanket and cushions lain on the lawn, and book grabbed. I poured.

(I was reading The Little Book of Hygge, which is such a fun and wonderful read, learning about Danish culture and, of course, how to introduce the wonderful world of Hygge into my life.)

With a Swivel and a quick sniff, I immediately got notes of melon and peaches. If you’ve been reading any of our other articles, you know how much I love Peach anything, so I was thrilled to be getting that flavor profile.

It was a dry finish with crisp and light notions on my first mouthful. With a cherry note like aftertaste. It was extremely pleasant! The flavors of this wine are really mellow; it’s downright refreshing!

I then tried it with some food and found that the flavor notes were more enhanced. It paired wonderfully with my Asian-inspired lunch. It also felt smoother.


I also thought this would go great with a White Fish dish or A Chicken in a Luxurious White Sauce

As the afternoon passed by, and obviously the bottle warmed up (as I didn’t want to be going back and forth to the fridge), I thought that the wine tasted even better.

It felt silkier, smoother. And I really got the flavors they stated on the bottle. The Melon, The Raspberry, The Apricot, and The Hints of Spice. I preferred it warmer. Which is just perfect for the summer, right!?

My summery of the Whispering Angel review

I would give this Wine a 9/10. The rewarding taste profile is full and lush while being bone dry with a smooth finish. .

The Retail price is excellent.

Definitely a favourite wine of this year. It’s like a Wine that you need to try at least once in your life. I could imagine drinking it on a multitude of occasions. Like having the girls over, a romantic date, or even a night in the tub, soaking in bubbles.

Anna’s Whispering Angel Review

THE PERFECT ROSÉ GLASS​Whispering angel has been in my peripheral vision for some time now as everybody seems to be talking about, nay, drinking it!

While its popularity grew, my interest did too. What could be so special about another reasonably priced bottle of high end rose from the Côtes de Provence? I had to find out.

Chateau d’Esclans’s Whispering Angel pours a delicate pink color with an aroma of summertime. It has a floral bouquet, hints of peach and strawberry, and tastes like rose water cotton candy. This is one for the wine connoisseur who appreciates unpretentious elegance!

It’s label and bottle design are every bit as delicate as its flavour and color.

Once it warmed a little, it seemed to release more delicateness and just pure fresh peach aroma on the nose. I rarely enjoy a glass of rosé that has gotten warm but with this one, I really did.

The perfect partner for summer dinner parties and picnics, this Rosé is made from an indulgent blend of grapefruit blossom petals, strawberries and citrus water. It’s the ultimate rediscovery of a wine that has been treasured by generations.

whispering angel wine

The world’s favourite rosé for a good reason! Incredibly easy and smooth to drink, even at room tempurature. Wine to share with friends on hot days or cool evenings alike – this seductive French classic is especially at ease with food.

I paired my glass of whispering angel with a bright peach, arugula and burrata salad and balsamic vinaigrette, which went down wonderfully but it would also be beautifully matched with other light dishes like shrimp salads with citrus dressing; smoked salmon tartlets; melon balls in honey syrup; or sampling cheese and fruit accompaniments.

In summary, I have fallen as much in love with this Whispering Angel as the rest of the world. Whispering Angel gets a 10/10 for me and will be a regular staple in my wine rack, and more so, my glass!

The perfect Rosé Glass

I have been searching for the perfect Rosé glass for as long as I can remember.

There are an abundance of white wine glasses, red wine glasses and champagne glasses in all shapes and sizes, but not much marketed in the way of Rosé glasses, so I decided to find my own:

Welcome to the perfect Rosé drinking vessel:  LSA International Wine Culture Balloon Glasses. Designed to help you enjoy not only your wine, but also the aesthetics of the glass in hand. Every glass is personally crafted by hand and features an elegant silhouette, a stunning rim and tall stem.

The glasses state that they are designed for red wine, but I actually find them a little too shallow for my red wine preference, but this more shallow detail makes them perfect for drinking Rose. The wide shallow balloon bowl of the glass allows for the full floral and fruity bouquets of Rose wines to blossom.

In addition to the shape of the glasses, the superior fine rim of the glasses work so well with light delicate flavours of a good rose like Whispering Angel.

These are the perfect rosé glasses for me due to the flavour profile and mouth feel they produce. Aesthetically I give them 10/10 for style, sophistication and versatility, and finally they are pure luxury to hold in your hand. These glasses made me feel like a queen!

Treat yourself to that extra touch of elegance with these premium Wine Culture glasses, sure to complement any style or make for a perfect gift.


Why is Whispering Angel so popular?

Wine doesn’t get much better than this. The Chateau’s tradition of producing fine wines continues seamlessly with a wine that blends the fruit and floral aromas with crisp acidity and a long, lingering finish. So if you’re looking for something extraordinarily elegant to serve at your next gathering, or just want to indulge yourself any evening of the week—don’t miss out on Whispering Angel by Chateau d’Esclans. This is the best Rose in its price range, and even better than many much pricier wines.

Where can I buy Whispering Angel Rose?

Is Whispering Angel Expensive?

Whispering angel is a reasonably priced luxury Rose coming in at around $21 USD in the United States. Whispering Angel is part of a family of rosé that includes The Palm, a newer, even more affordable option at $15, and a slightly more complex Rose called Rock Angel which costs $28.

The mothership of the whispering angel Rose family from Chateau d’Esclans is “Garrus” – A pricey $100 rosé, which has been named the: “greatest rosé ever.” by Suckling.