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Beautiful Luxe Bathroom Wall Art & Decor Ideas

Are you staring at your bathroom walls, thinking that they look a little bare?

Dressing up a bathroom with intelligent decor is not only easy, but it can also make the space you’re given to work with feel even more spacious. You might be surprised to find that simple changes such as art or flowers are all you need for an instant transformation!

I hope you’ll find this guide helpful, as I show some of my favorite bathroom wall art and bathroom decor ideas. Whether you’re looking for some chic shelf decor inspiration for extra storage or a sleek wallpaper design for powder rooms- there is something here that will suit your needs!

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Art Prints

When it comes to decorating, a little bit goes a long way. Enhance your space with these beautifully designed pieces of art that will take you from traditional and simple vibes to that luxurious space!

Art prints are also superb at adding that pop of color or helping you decide your color palette and color schemes if you are about to do a bathroom makeover.

People often get a little scared of placing prints in their bathroom as they think that they might get ruined. Yes, they can indeed warp. But that is only if you set the print right next to your shower. Or where humidity is at its highest. Opening the window or having an extractor fan means that you can have plenty of beautiful wall art prints – just make sure they’re framed.

Here are my favorite luxury wall decor art prints I’ve seen that I think will look great in a bathroom.


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If you have some spare wall space, I suggest adding a mirror!

A mirror adds lightness and brightness to any room, and it’s one of those things we use every day without even realizing it – a complete bathroom essential.

A good quality mirror makes us see ourselves better than ever before, especially when most use the bathroom to put on make-up and glam ourselves up during the day.

When used correctly, mirrors add beauty and elegance to our spaces effortlessly.

And a gold mirror adds that touch of glam instantly! Plus, it works in a modern bathroom to a vintage bathroom; they’re timeless. So splurge on a great mirror that you can have for years.

Here are some of my favorite gold mirrors.

Wall Cabinets

If you want your bathroom decor to be practical, invest in beautiful wall cabinetry that fits perfectly into your design scheme for extra storage space in your bathroom for bath products.

They are the perfect solution to hide bathroom necessities such as medicines and toilet paper, or if you just like a minimalist space, you can hide the clutter.

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Bathroom Shelves

So you want bathroom storage, but you don’t think a cabinet is the correct route as they can be pretty chunky, consider using a simple shelf instead.

Shelves give you so much flexibility because you can put them anywhere. They’re perfect for bathrooms where space isn’t always available. Plus, they look great for a stylish potted plant for that chic bathroom look.

A bathroom shelving idea could be to use it for restroom decor. That downstairs loo is the perfect place to explore the designer in you. And shelving could be a unique option rather than the predictable framed print.

You can choose between different types of shelves: wooden ones, glass ones, metal ones. The choice is yours!

Here are some of the shelves I love.

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With so many beautiful wallpapers to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect style for your bathroom. And I know what you might be thinking- but wallpaper really has come a long way since the prints you saw at your grandmother’s!

It helps add an elegant edge in small spaces, and scenic papers quickly give any space the splash of color it needs. One thing is certain: There are no limits when choosing the print from Floral wallpaper to a Japanese-inspired design. After using wallpaper, you will find that your bathroom stands out among all the others!


Is it bad to hang art in bathroom?

As long as you have the window open or good ventilation in your bathroom, it is perfectly safe to hang prints!

Is it weird to have pictures in your bathroom?

Absolutely not! If you have a nautical-themed bathroom, why not put up pictures and photos of your family having that fun day at the beach? It’s definitely on theme, and it’s so nice to surround yourself with joyous memories.

How high do you hang pictures in a bathroom?

Generally, the rule of thumb is to place your pictures so that they are at least 60 inches from the floor. This enables you to view the image at the right height, but you can also add a shelf below it and have other decor items like vases or candles without it covering up the picture too much.