artificial christmas trees with lights

Artificial Christmas Trees That You’ll Love

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest artificial Christmas trees to buy right now, ranging from pre-lit alternatives to lifelike, super realistic ones.

Without a magnificent, joyous tree, Christmas would not be Christmas. After all, isn’t carrying a massive Scott’s Pine or Norway Spruce through the threshold, only to discover it’s several inches too big for your sitting room, one of the highlights of the season? Or are you annoyed because you can’t seem to locate the one damaged bulb that is preventing your LED lights from working? The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. While the scent of a real tree cannot be duplicated, there is something to be said for an artificial tree no-mess, no-fuss choice.

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Fake Christmas Trees are Beautiful!

Many of us may associate decorating with tinsel with the concept of a fake pine Christmas tree covered with PVC needles. However, the fact is that the fake version is now far more fashionable and in line with the actual thing than it has ever been.

You’ll get a symmetrical, pleasingly beautiful look with an artificial tree, and you won’t have to vacuum up hundreds of pine needles every morning this holiday season.

Trees that are lifelike use PE needles to capture the essence of a genuine evergreen, with texture and color variation on the branches and tips.

realistic artificial christmas trees uk

Are Artificial Christmas trees
more environmentally friendly?

best artificial christmas trees

In a nutshell, the answer is no. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Artificial trees are generally imported, which has a high environmental cost.

And because they’re made of PVC, aluminum, and other polymers, they won’t biodegrade and will likely wind up in landfills.

On the other hand, real trees are brought in by land and sea, having been farmed for years and then chopped down for a month or two’s usage. Whereas a real tree must be re-planted, transported, and disposed of every year, the longer you care for and keep your artificial tree, the lower its carbon impact.

What factors should you consider before selecting an artificial Christmas tree?

First and foremost, take measurements of your available area. Although you may desire a massive tree with a charm, a squished tree would appear far worse than one that is properly proportioned. The typical tree is 7 feet tall, which fits into most living rooms. However, trees ranging in height from 4 to 12 feet can be found. Bear in mind there is also a range of slim tree designs out there now for people who have limited floor space.

artificial christmas trees with lights

Rule of Thumb: The distance between the top of your tree and the ceiling should be at least 6 inches.

You should also think about your Holiday decor. Are you going for a more natural theme with white lights and a green tree, or are you more adventurous and opting for a pink tree this year or multicolor lights?

There is also the option of having artificial snow flocked on trees now, and they are the perfect backdrop if you have a white holiday decorations theme in your home.

There are a lot of unlit tree designs if you prefer to drape Christmas string lights yourself. But if you are looking for convenience, then you should look into getting a pre-lit artificial tree.

Lux Christmas Faux Trees

best artificial christmas trees

Find below a list of our favorite realistic trees full of Holiday Spirit.

Norway Spruce

This Norway Spruce tree by A by AMARA is a lovely way to show off your favorite Christmas decorations. This fake tree is an exceptionally accurate rendition of a magnificent Norway spruce tree with hundreds of branch points. It is a major holiday piece that will be enjoyed year after year since it is wonderfully thick and juicy and finished in a beautiful forest green shade.


Tiffany is a beautiful representation of a true Christmas Tree. You’ll have your guests pondering whether this tree is, in fact, actually real! It may require some fluffing once it arrives at your home, but it will be the ideal tree for putting all of your Christmas ornaments on and gifts underneath.

Frasier Grande

The Norfolk Christmas tree is a marvelous spectacle. The height, diameter, and weight make it a special purchase for any home interior. The 3719 tips with LED lights will delight in addition to giving a wonderful glow to your room season after season.

Victorian Pine

Any room would benefit from the 6 ft Victorian Pine. It has a tip count of up to 990, giving it a lifelike appearance. This Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree has a multi-function controller that will control up to 400 Warm White LED tree lights on your tree, which can be adjusted to up to 8 different light settings. Not only that but this tree is made up of three components and has a hinged branches design, making it extremely simple to put together.

Cottage Tree

These artificial trees are based on a unique, unsheared beautiful tree discovered deep in the woods by an adventurous design team. Every hinged tree comes with a built-in metal stand and is meticulously crafted with various needle and branch tip forms for a year-round, stunningly realistic appearance.

portland pine

This Pre-lit Christmas Tree has pre-lit branches that look like real pine boughs, as well as an impressive string of color-changing tiny white lights to add a festive ambiance to your room. It is perfect for any space you wish to make festive; living rooms, halls, and foyers. Add a white tree skirt to add that extra Christmas flourish.

The Ultimate

The tree is the centerpiece of every Christmas, and with this beautiful Norway spruce, you’ll be set for merry fun year after year. The seven-foot tree is pre-lit with 900 stunning lights, all of which are properly positioned and have smart individual tips that resemble real pine needles.

This tree is simple to construct, stunningly full, and difficult to differentiate from the real thing, so you won’t have to worry about it looking sad by New Year’s Eve.

Green Mountain Spruce

The beautiful foliage of this fake Green Mountain Spruce tree from Harrods will impress your guests and family. Its hinged components slide into position effortlessly, allowing for quick assembly before adding your favorite baubles, and the fake needle mix eliminates the need for any unwanted clean-ups during the season.

Snowy 9 Ft Tree

The Snowy Faux Pine comes in two sizes and looks eerily similar to real snowy pine. Its branches and needles are sprinkled in white to lend a romantic fullness to your area while also honoring the natural beauty of these lovely trees. Pop a wonderful tree topper on top to flourish this tree.

The Snowy Faux Pine tree is effective and cheerful, constructed to last for years to come, with warm white LED lights, eight twinkling effects, an eight-hour timer, and a footswitch.

Artificial Natural Cut Alpine Tree

This artificial alpine tree has a variable 4-foot height covered in 50 warm-white lights and is flocked for exquisite winter beauty with fluffy posable limbs. Its dense genuine foliage gives adequate area for ornaments and decorations with over 400 accurate branch tips, giving it the authentic impression of a natural-cut tree in limited space such as flats & tiny living rooms.


What to do with old artificial Christmas trees?

If you no longer need your tree, I suggest you either donate it or turn it into something else like a wreath or garland. Otherwise, you will have to take it to your tidy local tip to dispose of it.

How to keep cats off artificial Christmas trees?

Wrap your tree stump in foil and sprinkle a few lemons or orange peels around the base because most cats despise foil and citrus aromas.

When did artificial Christmas trees become popular?

Plastic trees made of PVC plastic became popular in the 1980s and have remained popular ever since. These trees are particularly effective because they resemble freshly cut trees and don’t need to be discarded after each season.