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Are Subway Tiles Out Of Style In 2021?

Subway tiles are a great way to add some color and style to your home. They’re also very durable, so they can last for years if you take care of them properly.

However, is the subway tile trend starting to fade in popularity? More homeowners are opting for other tile styles for their contemporary kitchen backsplash, but there are still some hard-core fans of this timeless, glass subway tile.

If you want to know what the best traditional style tiles are in 2021, then keep reading!

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What Are Subways Made From?

Subway tiles come from two different materials: ceramic or porcelain. Both types have their pros and cons. A Ceramic Tile has more durability than porcelain, which means it won’t chip as easily. However, because it’s made out of clay, it tends to crack over time. On the other hand, Porcelain doesn’t break down like ceramics do, but it does tend to stain easier.

You must clean both types of tile regularly with soap and water. If you don’t, stains could start appearing after just one use.

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How Do You Clean Them?

The best way to clean any type of tile is by using warm water and dishwashing liquid. Make sure not to scrub too much, though; otherwise, you’ll damage the surface. Instead, gently wipe away dirt and grime with a soft cloth. Don’t forget about the edges either – make sure to get all those nooks and crannies.

You should always avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your tile surfaces. This includes bleach, ammonia, vinegar, etc. These products may seem harmless at first, but they’re harmful to your flooring. It’s better to stick to natural cleaners such as baking soda and lemon juice instead.

Subway Tile Pattern

There are a variety of patterns available for subway tiles. Some people prefer simple designs, like the brick pattern (which looks flawless with Shaker Cabinets), while others love intricate ones.

The most common pattern used in today’s modern designs is called “herringbone.” The herringbone backsplash design consists of alternating the tiles at 45-Degree Angles. – This design looks grey on a shower wall.

Other options include chevron, zigzag, mosaic, and checkerboard.

kitchen backsplash subway tile patterns

Top Subway Tile Designs

The White Subway Tile

This classic white rectangular tile will never go out of style!

The white subway tile backsplash in a kitchen has been a massive trend for the last century. But with the grout color trend making an explosive appearance, we now see the classic tile used in bathroom walls with black grout for that super chic look.

So if you are remodeling your kitchen, look no further than these ceramic, porcelain, or glass tiles. They’re a perfect choice for white cabinets too! And you can always change the direction of how you lay them. Such as the herringbone pattern.

Here are my favorite rectangular subway tiles for the perfect white backsplash.


The standard subway tile design of the Daltile is a white tile that’s classic, timeless, and just right for you. Use this perfect 3 in. x 6 in. subway tile for your backsplash or feature wall today! I do like the pairing of the gray cabinets with this tile.

Ivy Hill Tile

These exquisite subway tiles will add a touch of class to your bathroom or kitchen, while the uneven body and high-shine finish create a welcoming ambiance. With their trendy take on the traditional subway tile, these tiles will never go out of style.

Merola Tile

These intricately designed Merola Tile wall tiles offer a minimalist elegance to the space you place them in. Offering that authentic handmade quality, these tiles are perfect for updating your home with something new and modern without compromising style or tradition.

Why not pair these tiles with gray countertops?

The Grey Subway Tile

Another extremely popular choice for these tiles is the gray subway tile.

Modern kitchen design ideas today are experimenting with a pop of color. And the grey kitchen cabinet became the staple in 2020, with every home wanting that minimal clean feel.

But in 2021, the white kitchen cabinet has started to come back so that people can opt for a grey backsplash tile. Therefore they can have the grey and white color scheme but not have a kitchen like everyone else.


If you are looking for a glass subway tile backsplash for your kitchen, get your tile design project off to an elegant start with the abolos grey glass subway tile. Imaginably suited for any kitchen backsplash or bathroom wall; this warm and inviting subway tile is the perfect addition to any space which needs a little updating. Add a white grout pairing for a clean, sleek design.

NewAge Tile

Look no further than these Dark Grey Glass Subway Tiles for an elegant, modern take on backsplash tiles. Designed for kitchen walls, these glass backsplash tiles are practical and easy to clean with a wipe down! Available in 15 square-foot sections that are lightweight to install. With the illusion of increased space, this creates a striking point of interest in your kitchen! Plus, these will look great with white cabinetry and quartz countertops.

Inoxia SpeedTile

If you want a gray backsplash in a hurry, you will want to look at SpeedTiles. This stick backsplash tile makes installation easy and super quick.

Be tempted by the most luxurious of a peel and stick tile. As the only brand to utilize a powerful, time-tested adhesive, these high-quality wall tiles are practical features that your home can benefit from in minutes. The tile installation speed makes them an economical alternative while still displaying features perfect for renovators looking for low-effort upkeep.

Other Popular Colors

Remodeling projects that want a traditional kitchen and a beautiful kitchen are choosing bright colors for their classic pattern.

A bold color is a good way to innovate the modern and traditional, whether that be a vibrant color in the grout lines or the tile color.

A gray glass tile backsplash does look great, but perhaps you’ve seen it far too much as of late. So read on to find some other alternatives to the white or gray subway tile backsplash.

A Blue backsplash appears more and more in bathrooms for a sleek glass tile backsplash that covers the entire walls of the shower cubicle.

And the Pink Herringbone Tile has been credited in many home decor magazines!

Blue Merola Tile

Perfect for contemporary and classic kitchens or bathrooms, Merola Tile’s attractive high-gloss finish offers a sophisticated elegance with plenty of styles to back it up. The perfect pick for any avid foodie who wants their kitchen backsplashes to scream culinary flair.

Or it’s the perfect pick for a shower wall tile!

Ivy Hill Pink Tile

The sleek surface and golden highlights of the Ivy Hill Pink Subway Tile will make any room look elegant. Every interior, from traditional to modern, can transform with elegance thanks to these refined porcelain tiles. With a timeless subway tile design with a contemporary twist, this versatile style is as beautiful as durable.

These tiles will look so glamorous with white shaker cabinets and a black kitchen island for a slightly feminine design touch to the kitchen.

Giorbello Teal Tile

Glass brings a sleek look to the traditional subway tile design. Whether tiling a bath surround, a backsplash, or an entire wall, glass subway tile will offer both a timeless and stylish design to your project.

Giorbello recommends glass subway tiles not only because of their trendy design but also because they can capture more colorful pigments than ceramic tiles do.

These Teal tiles will jazz up your kitchen & bathroom, plus I think that they’ll look great with white flat-panel cabinets and your stainless steel appliances.


What is the meaning of subway tiles?

The term subway tile means a rectangular tile laid with a 50% offset.

Are subway tiles expensive?

No. Subway tiles are one of the most reasonably priced tiles out there.

Is glass subway tile trendy?

It is completely trendy regardless of what era it was designed in. Especially with designers loving retro-chic of the 20th century and vintage styles added in touches to contemporary homes.