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A Minimalist Bedroom – Wooden Bed Frames & More

You love a Minimalist style, and you want to create the look in your bedroom. Well, why wouldn’t you?! It makes sense for a calm and peaceful bedroom to have clean lines, restrained colors, and a simple design. Allowing you to have the best night of sleep.

But having fewer items in the bedroom means you need to pick pieces of furniture that are gorgeous and practical.

In this article, I will dive into the world of minimalism and show you the best bed frames, rugs, and wardrobe options for you to create a beautiful bedroom that is low in clutter but big on style.

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The Walls

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It’s a good idea to start with the bare bones of the room. Most minimalist bedroom ideas begin with looking at the walls. And after lots of research, you’ve found that White walls are the go-to.

So you think ‘I’ll paint the walls white!’ Excellent choice. But what shade of white?

There are so many white wall hues with notes of grey, green, blue, and yellow. And they all have a purpose.

Look around your room. Is it quite a bright room? Do you get a lot of natural light? Or do you feel that it’s quite gloomy?

If you feel the room is kind of gloomy and only gets sunlight at certain points of the day, then I’d steer clear of a neutral color white that has a grey or blue tone. This will make your room feel cold. And that’s the complete opposite of what you want to achieve. Opt for a white with a slight yellow pigment as this will lessen the cold feel.

When picking white wall colors online, click through all the photos, as the company will use different lighting so you can reference it to your space.

Here are my Top Picks for White Paint Colors

Bed Frames

The biggest feature of your room is obviously the bed. It takes up the most floor space, and it will dominate the room.

So picking a bed frame is a task you have to get right!

There are a range of bed frames for you to choose from. You just have to pick the material it’s made from.

Here is a choice of Bed Types: Metal Bed Frames / Wooden Bed Frame / Divan Base / Faux Leather / Upholstered Bed Frames

A popular choice for the perfect Bed frame is the Divan due to the extra storage space. So if your room is small and you need the extra storage, this modern style is the way to go.

For a traditional Minimalist Space, you could have any of these design styles. But for me, I think the raw, natural materials of a Wooden Bed frame, made of solid wood and with ample space under the bed, will make your room feel not only more spacious but clean.

Here are my Top Picks for Double Bed Frames


The second biggest piece of furniture is your wardrobe unless you are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet!

Every wardrobe has benefits and disadvantages, and you need to decide what you need out of this piece of furniture, which will help you figure out your own personal style from the wide range of styles out there.

For a Modern Bedroom Design, you can have a chunkier wardrobe and take up more floor space. But they’re not my favorite as they can make the room feel closed in and overbearing.

It’s just about creating the perfect balance when it comes to choosing a wardrobe.

For a contemporary master bedroom, you need to have modern furniture, but for a minimal bedroom, I think you need something sleeker and something with a little character.

If you want a more decluttered life, the best place to start is by sorting through your clothes – Just like Marie Kondo!

Here are my Top Picks for Wardrobes

The Rug

Minimalist Bedroom

A rug can make your room. It has grounding properties that can make all the pieces of furniture flow and connect.

There is a huge selection of rugs out there, all made with a variety of materials. It’s also a great opportunity to add that pop of color to the room too.

The only problem with picking a rug is the size. But it’s pretty simple. Measure out the floor space where you want the rug to lie. This will all depend on your bed size too.

You can either have the rug flowing under the bed, so it’s the first thing your toes touch in the morning, or in front of the bed to fill in the dead space. So think about a soft, marvellous material if you want something soft on your bare feet.

Here are my Top Picks for Rugs


Minimalist Bedroom

We always need a floor-length mirror in our bedrooms! We need to spruce ourselves up and twirl in our brand new dress in front of it for a few minutes.

But mirrors are also great for bouncing light around the room. And making the room appear bigger.

Plus, if you’re designing a modern guest bedroom, you are definitely going to need a mirror to make your guests feel comfortable too.

There are quite a few options when it comes to full-length mirrors. You can have ones that use up the floor space, but you can also have ones that hang on the wall.

Here are my Top Picks for Mirrors

Decorative Objects

Here are just some of my favorite items for the bedroom that I think will look great in your Minimalist Bedroom.


What should I look for in a wood bed frame?

A frame with slats that aren’t easy to bend is a good choice. Weak slats will not give your mattress the support it needs, and they might eventually break.

How much weight can a wooden bed frame hold?

Most typical bed frames can hold up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight. The heavy-duty or big-and-tall versions are capable of handling up to 4,000 pounds.