Black and White Kitchens

20 Stunning Black & White Kitchen Designs

Black and white kitchen spaces prove that forgoing colors for a traditional palette can pay off big time. This collection of magnificent black and white kitchens will surely inspire your dream kitchen renovation to create your own cooking space, with everything from lovely cottage themes to sleek, modern designs.

  • This Traditional Kitchen is flawless. They have added a modern twist to the design style and warm tones with the light wood floors by having black cabinetry.

  • This kitchen has so much flair! The Geometric tile on the floor adds visual contrast, and the tan leather barstools add personality to the kitchen design.

  • This kitchen is simple with neutral tones. This Scandinavian kitchen is gorgeous. They’ve mainly gone for the All-White Kitchen cabinets design style with white shaker cabinets and black hardware accents, and it has pulled the room together. The Bailey woven stools are a great addition to this room.

  • This contemporary kitchen is sleek, stylish, bold, and warm. The use of the extra storage cabinets in wood adds another dimension to the design. We also love the touch of glam the Osgood Pendant has brought to the room too!

  • I love the visual statement that this black kitchen island is making! It’s a bold move, but it has paid off with the extra layer of interest. The additional details on the white cabinet are also a great little flourish. And the Pendants are gorgeous!

  • This kitchen is the highlight of any kitchen designer's career! The Marble Countertops and Marble Backsplash are the main features of this design, plus I love the kitchen island having a waterfall edge.

  • The tile in this design is what interior design is all about. Having a patterned tile adds interest to the room and will avoid the flat feeling that plain walls are sometimes portrayed in a modern space.

  • This simple kitchen design is hot right now. Switching out a kitchen cabinet for open shelving is a great way to add personality to your kitchen.

  • The courage in this modern kitchen design to do a Black waterfall edge kitchen island has me flawed. It’s stunning and ultimately timeless. I just want to run my hands across the smooth surface. I also love the tone of the wooden floor. With it being more 'ash,' it is highlighting the bold black statement.

  • I really love all the gold accents in this kitchen theme. The beautiful Pendants and the chic art deco stools bring the room together. I also love the black window frames to highlight how gorgeous they are and frame their natural light. Replicating that on the kitchen cabinet doors is a nice touch too.

  • Studio Mcgee always gets their kitchen designs looking flawless and loveable, and this concept is no different. I love the all-white kitchen theme, but then adding those oversized, heavy, neutral matte black pendants add an element of drama. Which is then softened by the wishbone barstools.

  • The Dark wood floors in the herringbone pattern are creating magic in this kitchen design. It is grounding the use of white cabinetry and white countertops and adding texture to the scheme, making it a beautiful space.

  • I do love a kitchen that removes all the upper cabinetry! Look how sleek this modern design is. It feels like an airy space just because there are no wall cabinets. They have also picked stunning tiles for their white backsplash that have a slight sheen. And I love the added touch of the rug on the floor too. Such an amazing Minimalistic Kitchen idea!

  • This photo proves that this design color combination works just as well to achieve a bright kitchen in a small space. The black cabinets have added depth, show initiative and a love for interiors.

  • The seamless backsplash and black marble countertops look elegant and endless. It’s added depth to the room that only black can achieve—a great representation of the contemporary style.

  • Gold Kitchen Faucets! The brushed gold hardware on these matte black kitchen cabinets is a fantastic luxury, luxury, luxury! They are the perfect complement to this modern style of an elegant kitchen.

  • I was drawn to this photo due to the inset open shelving. I loved the wood texture being the backdrop for the glassware and breaking up the all-black kitchen wall units in this monochrome kitchen scheme.

  • I know that this isn’t technically a kitchen view, but I wanted to list this photo to show you that Black and White kitchens are easy to integrate into your bright space if you have an open-plan area. Due to the white walls, it is easy to add that feature wall of black to tie it together.

  • The use of natural materials on the edge of the kitchen island is center stage! It's a superb, out-of-the-box idea to add that rawness to your scheme. This perfect piece of wood would be hard to come by, but wood will forever look fabulous with black countertops, making this classic style timeless.

  • Floor-to-ceiling wall units are great for storage. But by removing the doors, you create a wonderful insight into the world of you and your family. You are making a beautiful display of your glassware, dishware, and personal touches like photos.


Is a black kitchen a good idea?

A black kitchen is, of course, a terrific idea! When you think about it, it’s the most practical hue for a kitchen. It will disguise stains and is much easier to clean than cream or white kitchens.

Do black kitchen cabinets look dirty?

They are easier to clean and are far more forgiving of discoloration and stains than lighter cabinets. Those who have black kitchens, however, should be aware that some colors will appear more frequently. Black cabinets are notorious for picking up dust and fingerprint smudges more easily.

Are black kitchen countertops in style?

Black kitchen countertops are all the rage these days. They’re tough and stain-resistant, making them an excellent choice for kitchen worktops because they hide dirt, cover cracks, and aren’t readily damaged. They’re also rather elegant.