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14 Chic Bar Carts to Impress your Guests

If you like to party at home, a bar cart is a must-have piece of furniture for your living room, dining room, or even in a guest bedroom.
The bar chart (also known as a drinks trolley or service cart) was once considered a relic of the past, but now it’s the stylish way to display your favourite spirits and glassware. While having the practicality of a rolling bar.

Who doesn’t adore (or require!) a bar cart? They are not only practical, but they also bring a sense of pleasure and anticipation to a place. We all have hectic schedules, and it’s wonderful to think of a cocktail hour at the end of a long day or week. And half the joy of having a bar cart is loading it with your favourite gins and decorating it with a stylish set of glasses!

We’ve gathered some of the most attractive bar carts, all with castor wheels, so you can easily move them about without being restricted to one location. Perfect for the upcoming festive season!

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Choosing a Bar Cart

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When purchasing a drinks cart, there are a few factors to consider. Choose a size that won’t take up too much space in your house. Consider how many shelves for storage you want for your favourite wines and glasses. Additional compartments for an ice bucket or garnishes should be considered to enable you to serve in flair.

There is a range of styles, so you’ll need to consider the material and design and how it will connect to your interior design concept.

A gold bar cart, for example, would definitely seem out of place in a country or rustic-inspired setting. While gold bar carts are popular (particularly on Instagram) for bringing a touch of luxury to any area, don’t discount a more minimalist or vintage-inspired drinks trolley. And, if you’re throwing a summer garden party, consider investing in an outdoor bar cart.

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Vintage Style bar carts are an excellent addition to any home

For a glamorous drinks trolley, you’ll want to look at a Vintage inspired, luxe gold bar cart.
But bar carts come in various forms, sizes, and finishes, with models to suit almost any area, requirement, or taste. Here are some of my favourite finds—as well as what to look for while shopping for one.

Makrana Marble Drinks Trolley

This Marvellous Marble Drinks Trolley is a statement item for your house that will provide limitless joy and a party mood to your living space every day.
It is fabulously distinctive and beautifully fashionable. This magnificent Drinks Station’s bamboo design frame is iron in an antiqued bronze colour, which contrasts well with the trolley’s marble shelves.

The Square Drinks Trolley on Wheels exudes antique charm and classic elegance.

Circular Art Deco 3-Tier Drinks Trolley

The Circular Art Deco Three Tier Drinks Trolley, with lots of space for storage and exhibition, is ideal for storing your favourite liqueurs, alcoholic recipes, and prized display pieces.

With this rustic intricate detailing effect finish of Gold Metal and Glass, this Drinks Trolley is oozing refinement and easy flair! It is an interior must-have for people who love to get the party started at home and a perfect showpiece for any drinking occasion!

Lida Gold Metal & Glass Bar Trolley

The Lida Drinks Trolley is a luxurious home bar with a stunning brass finish, art-deco-inspired accents, and two mirrored shelves. It is finished in an ornate golden tone. It sits on four wheels to easily carry your cocktail creations from inside to outside.

Easily store all your cocktail ingredients and bottles of wine with an extremely pleasing design aesthetic.


The Caldwell gold drinks cart is a statement deco design with stunning metallic gold and a black matte finish. It’s the ideal party item for this Christmas, with four wheels for maneuverability. Allowing you to move these drinks from the dining table to the living room for after-dinner cocktails.

Hansel Drinks Trolley, Marble & Brass

The first introduction to the world of marble, brown tones of the mango wood, and metallic furniture was in the form of an Industrial-style coffee table, but we believe we’ve discovered its ultimate function. The bar cart. There is simply no better combination to create the ideal drinks trolley.

The Hansel gives new meaning to the term mixologist due to the extra storage space for bottles and the top of the bar cart being 2 serving trays.

Contemporary Style Bar Carts for a Minimalist Room

The latest designs are even more functional as they feature stemware racks or cocktail book storage. Check out some of the best Contemporary trolleys for the ultimate bar setup!

Contemporary Round Black & Smoked Glass Drinks Trolley

With its delightfully industrial-inspired design, the Contemporary Round and Black Smoked Glass Drinks Trolley is a must-have piece for getting the party started.

This Round Drinks Trolley, with its magnificent matt black frame and two layers of gorgeous smoked glass, is the ideal piece for keeping and exhibiting your favourite beverage as well as your home treasures.

Why not utilize this Glass Bar Trolley in your living room to create an outstanding display of trendy decorative pieces and memories you cherish?

Karoko Marble Drinks Table

The Karoko marble drinks table is ideal for entertaining. The black marble top and bottom shelf are made of genuine marble. The natural marble varies from piece to piece, giving each surface its own individuality. The polished iron structure adds a distinctive edge. Make a statement with decorative objects, drink bottles, and cocktail glasses.

This cart is constructed of natural marble; therefore, the finish will vary from piece to piece. The marble used in this design comes from Rajasthan.

Black Glass Trolley

This ultra-sleek black bar trolley with glass shelves from Forest Green is what contemporary design is all about.

Featuring a gun-grey metal finish and shelves in black glass, this would work in any environment. Even a Minimalist bedroom hotel room!

Willem Serving Cart

If you are desperate for a bar cart but are short on space, then the Willem Serving Cart is what you are looking for. Its circular silhouette allows you to place this cart in the corner wall. Plus, it won’t take up much square footage as it will only take up vertical space due to its narrow design.

This design is a great idea for bedroom decor! Grab a coffee machine for your very own hotel experience!

Werner Drink Trolley

The bar cart, reminiscent of the elegance of hotel and restaurant dessert and drink carts, elevates home entertaining. This caster cart has elegant mirrored glass shelves and a robust iron frame in a shiny silver finish.

Bar Carts for That Bohemian Style Statement

best bar carts

A great way to add style to your kitchen is by adding a stylish bar cart. These can hold everything from glasses to cutlery, but they also make wonderful displays for artwork, books, candles, and other items. They’re especially useful if you have limited countertop space. Which most of us boho lovers know all too well.

Grab a bar cart with Rattan shelves or a Bamboo frame for that ultimate natural texture and colour tone.


Fashion fresh fruit cocktails on this tropical bamboo cart, made of iron and bamboo and easily movable, so you can enjoy delightful beverages in every part of the house or garden.
Or dress this brown rattan with your plants, in bold pots for that pop of color, for a stylish storage solution and display.

Bali Natural Rattan Drinks Trolley

The Bali collection combines natural rattan weaving with gently coloured sustainable bamboo wood for vintage-inspired items that will make a bohemian statement in your house.

The Bali Natural Rattan Drinks Trolley has a curved design with two woven rattan shelves and smooth bamboo lashing. You’ll be ready to impress your guests at your next dinner party with the addition of gold-toned wheels.

Vintage bamboo cane drinks trolley 1970s

This Vintage bamboo drinks cart is really rare. It’s from the 1970s, and it’s in the best shape we’ve ever seen for this design. And due to there only being 1 available, you need to snap this up immediately!

With a distinctive front bottle tray, this is a two-tiered display. The ideal timeless item to give any fashionable boho vibe house an eclectic atmosphere.

Tiki Bar Trolley Natural Rattan

With this charming Tiki Bar Trolley, there’s always time for a cheeky cocktail or two. There’s plenty of room to wheel the drinks in style with this trendsetter, made from natural rattan to hold your different bottles, glasses, and aperitifs.

This fantastic product’s kitsch design is evocative of the 1930s and 1940s gin and rum renaissance and has been fashioned in an exotic Polynesian attitude.
This cart is ideal for home bars, outdoor parties, and dining room entertainment since it has grips on both sides and smooth wheels.

The natural rattan structure complements existing cane or wicker furniture collections beautifully.


How to decorate a bar cart?

A bar cart is a great way to display drinks for guests at parties. If you want to create a unique look for your bar cart, use different types of glassware, such as wine glasses, martini glasses, beer mugs, and shot glasses. Also, use interesting shapes and colors to add visual appeal.

You could add a neon sign for retro vibes and plants for different textures. Don’t forget your cocktail books too!

What to put on a bar cart?

A bar cart should be filled with items that are easy to grab and consume quickly. The best items for a bar cart include glassware, bottles of drinks, cocktail making set, and books.

You could also have straws, cocktail napkins, and limes ready for your guests to help themselves.