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12 Sleek Shoe Storage Ideas for Every Space

I think everyone can join me in saying ”I have a lot of shoes”.

My shoes are everywhere. So I decided that I needed some sort of system. Somewhere where all the shoes can go, I don’t forget about them or lose track of what’s where. There are so many possible creative shoe storage ideas! In this article, I’ll find the best shoe storage solutions so you can keep growing your shoe collection.

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Shoe Rack

A shoe rack is probably one of the most common ways people store their shoes. It works well if your room has enough wall space. You need at least two shelves with hooks on each side. The shelf should be high enough, so it doesn’t touch the floor.

Ktaxon 6 Tier Bamboo Stackable Shoe Shelf

The Ktaxon 6 Tier Bamboo wooden Shoe Rack is a perfect addition to your home. This product is designed with Japandi in mind. The Bamboo makes this structure elegant and a statement holding all types of shoes. Plus, it features high-quality artistry, which we respect highly; we know you’ll be pleased too!

The shoe rack has an air of luxury and some bling that will leave everyone admiring its elegant storage qualities. You can display not only one pair of shoes but 15 pairs of shoes to brighten up any room! Its lightweight yet sturdy design helps prevent crevices from collecting dust and keeps the shoes tidy.

Shoe Basket

A simple way to keep your shoes organized is by using a basket. It takes up very little space and looks chic next to your console table and a plant. A Shoe Basket is probably the best solution for tall boots.

Kellen Shoe Basket

Keep fashion options at your fingertips with this luxury shoe basket, made from handwoven rattan and leather. This handy piece is perfect for organizing casual shoes in the entryway or storing delicate winter accessories to keep them safe until next year. Keep it near a closet door, so it’s ready to go when you need it!


Hide your shoes away in allocated drawers. Furniture with drawers is the perfect idea if you love a minimal home with very few accessories.


Compact storage is a significant issue in the home, but with Nordal, you can go from cluttered chaos to chic stored order. The piece has an industrial feel and would work well as shoe storage or somewhere else that you need compact yet elegant storage for anything else.

Use your Nightstand!

A lovely little table for a nightstand looks chic, but it’s completely impractical if you need storage. Or you may have a cabinet that is full of your useless junk. Well, clean that out and put your shoes in there! It’s such a good use of space to keep your favorite pairs of shoes.

Elora End Table

I fell for this piece of furniture as soon as I saw it. And I am immediately trying to find somewhere in my home for it to live.

The Elora End Table with Storage is the perfect bedside table for your smart home. It features a delicate brass hardware accent, expert craftsmanship, and a precision cut door – all to keep your space looking beautiful yet fully functional! Put your shoes and more away in this beautiful modern end table that has an elegant finish.

Behind your Mirror

If you are searching for a full-length mirror for your space, think about having a mirror with some storage. I’ve got a full-length mirror in the bathroom, and it has dead space behind it, and I wish I had thought about a mirror with shelves in the back.

Combining furniture for different uses is such a smart way to keep your home uncluttered.

Inclined Full-Length Storage Mirror

This mirror is the perfect example of having storage in the back. It may not be much storage, but you’ll still get a couple of pairs of shoes in there!

With an innovative design, this mirror takes up less space while providing the highest quality of full-length viewing. It is handcrafted with recycled steel, and it is made to last.

Use a Shoe Ladder

A shoe ladder is typically a leaning ladder bookshelf. They are inexpensive, easy to get hold of, and come in a wide variety of styles. How many shoes you need to store will depend on how tall you need the ladder to be.

MELLCOM 5 Tier Leaning Shelf

This 5-Tier Leaning Shelf will add a finishing touch to any space, featuring a sleek and modern design. The unique sloping design of the shelf gives it a subtle leaning appearance while still being strong enough to last through heavy use. It is made from a high-quality particle board with great details in its metal frame construction.
With five tiers of storage space available at your fingertips, this piece adds extra beauty without taking up too much room in your home – perfect for all kinds of style and decoration!

Over the Door

If you are running out of floor space, then go up! Using an over-the-door solution is extremely practical, and they make some great shoe organizers.

Whitmor 24 Pocket Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Keep your shoes organized and well protected with this 24 pocket shoe organizer. This clear vinyl shoe holder, designed for small spaces such as closets and bedrooms, is easy to assemble and hangs conveniently over standard-sized doors.

Whitmor’s Supreme Garment Care Collection features products made from heavy-duty fabrics and materials that help you declutter while saving your items from unwanted damage. Get a hold of your messy clutter today!

Closet Space

If you have some space in your closet, then this is an excellent solution for you. I will list a few shoe organizers for you as there are different styles for your closet.

WAYTRIM Set of 8 Stackable Clear Plastic Containers

Now you can keep your closet organized, tidy, and uncluttered. These stackable storage boxes are perfect for keeping shoes off the floor and avoiding scuffs on the soles. They also help resist odor transfer. Those vent holes mean our containers will stay fresher than ever! These shoe organizers are made of high-quality material, so they can last long without falling apart or become warped over time. Pop them in the bottom of your closet for a neat storage solution as they are a stackable shoe rack.

10 Pocket Wide

The 10-tier shoe rack is made of high-quality, breathable cotton canvas to extend the lifespan of your favorite pairs. This durable product features a hook hanging system that you hang on your closet rod that supports your shoes at two strategic locations, avoiding bowing and providing stability for the unit.

With plenty of pockets to store all sorts of footwear, this dependable cabinet rack will organize all your apparel supplies with ease. The heavy-duty construction makes for easy assembly while keeping it strong enough to last through countless seasons. Moreover, its smooth texture means it won’t damage any clothing, making this over-the-door solution great for both rod and wire closet homes as well as dorm rooms.

Under the Bed

Under the bed is some of the best storage space! It is an entirely unused space. Keep all your shoes under here so that you don’t take up valuable floor space.

storageLAB Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

Get your feet ready for a nice long walk with these under-bed shoe organizers. Standing freely on their own, their spacious compartments will comfortably fit a variety of shoes and allow them to breathe without losing shape or quality: from sandals to heels, we’ve got you covered!

Featuring sturdy plastic construction and measuring 30”x24.5”x5.3”, this is the only thing standing between you and an uncluttered bedroom suite! Imagine what all that extra room would feel like…

Practicality has never been one of those luxuries reserved solely for grownups before now.

Coat Racks

Coat Rack with Bench

You’ve never seen a coat rack with a bench like this before. Impress your guests with the sleek, modern aesthetic of this handcrafted steel beauty. Showing off clean lines and premium materials, it’s chic enough for any sophisticated home.

Use the under-bench storage to store your everyday shoes. And the bench is an excellent idea if you have children. They’ll sit there while popping their shoes on.

Shoe Storage Cabinet

A shoe cabinet is in nearly every home, and they come in all sorts of shapes and styles. Due to its professional organizer design there is ample space saving as they aren’t as deep as a regular cabinet. I would say, though, that they are great for flat shoes and athletic shoes. If you have tall boots, you might have to fold down the tops of the shoe to fit them in.

Winda Modern and Contemporary 4-Door Shoe Storage Wood Cabinet

The Winda 4-Door Shoe Storage Cabinet is a stylish storage solution for those on the go. This cabinet has four doors and six sliding shelves, perfect for hiding shoes from your home’s entryway. Crafted from sturdy wood featuring a luxurious brown stain, this cabinet will blend in with any interior design style you have going on at home.

Contemporary Shoe Storage Cabinet

Never again will you have to search on the floor for your favorite pair of shoes. The Winda shoe storage cabinet is perfect for taking up some space in your closet and keeping your favorite footwear out on display while not in use! Available in a chic contemporary design that goes with any style, this shoe storage cabinet is the best way to keep your things organized and living clutter-free.

Shoe Tray

If you simply want somewhere for the dirty shoes and muddy boots to go, then you need a shoe tray.

Brooke Boot Tray

Kick your muddy shoes off in style with our iron-wrought, handmade Brooke Boot Tray. This tidy tray effectively stores and organizes every pair of boots by the front door or mudroom to create a stylish addition to any entryway.


How do you hide shoes in a hallway?

If you want to hide away the clutter in your hallway, I suggest you look into a shoe cabinet. Or, if you have the space, look into a console cabinet. These are usually quite big, but they are fabulous for storage. Plus, guests will never think that shoes hide in there.

How do I Organize Shoes?

There are many ways to organize your shoes, depending on how much space you have available. You can put them away in drawers, closets, cabinets, etc. But when you’re looking for something more unique, try using a shoe rack instead. A shoe rack allows you to show off multiple pairs of shoes side by side so that everyone knows that you have a fantastic collection. It also makes finding your shoes easier because you don’t have to dig through piles of other people’s shoes.

Do boots fit in shoe cabinets?

You will find it quite hard to fit tall boots in a shoe cabinet, and I’d recommend a shoe rack instead. But you should be able to get ankle boots in there with no problems.