Colored Glassware

12 Colored Glasses to Fuel Your Obsession

I’m a sucker for glassware. I love the way it looks, and how you can use it to serve food or drink in so many different ways. It also makes me feel like an adult when I have fancy glasses on my table at home. So of course, I was excited about this post because there are some really cool colored glass sets out there that will make your dining room look amazing. And they don’t cost much either!

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TOP 3 Colorful Glassware!

Vintage Glassware is BACK!

Colored Glassware

While a return to nostalgic, personality-driven interiors was on the increase before the pandemic, there’s nothing like being stranded at home for more than a year to motivate you to dig out your antique dinnerware.

Vintage drinking glasses and the color of the glass is what has made them a massive trend this year, but a bigger one next.

Grandma’s pink depression glass is now in high demand! We can’t wait to see the lovely tablescapes of friends and family in the post-pandemic world, which is now filled with a mix of passed-down plates and adorable colorful glasses that make for joyous vignettes.

Colored Glassware Sets

TOP 12 Colored Glassware

Estelle Colored Glassware

CARAVAN Bistro Glasses

This six-piece Parisian-inspired set is made of colorful hand-blown glass. These pieces are utterly lovely and ideally proportioned for all of your drinking (water, wine, juice) and serving requirements.

Lily Of The Valley Crystal Tumbler Glasses

Lauren Santo Domingo conceived and developed a homeware line Moda Domus—all things you’d find in her home—because our passion for style doesn’t stop with her closets.

This tumbler glass set is composed of colorful crystals that have been hand-engraved with a lily of the valley pattern, which is considered to be Christian Dior’s favorite flower.

LOBMEYR Garden of Paradise crystal tumblers

This collection of six pink Garden of Paradise crystal tumblers is handcrafted by craftsmen from Lobmeyr’s trademark muslin glass – an extremely fine and long-lasting substance.

They are beautifully painted in colorful enamels with representations of parrots relaxing in fruit trees and are fashioned to the label’s lasting Alpha silhouette.

Allow candlelight to flow through them at the dinner table to draw attention to the amazing craftsmanship.

Rills Amber Colored Glassware tumbler

This 4-pack of House Doctor Rills Amber glass tumblers is the perfect collection for everyday drinking glasses. The stacking glasses have subtle grooves around the top as a decorative touch, giving each one a unique form and structure.

Mila Tumbler – Dark Emerald

These chic Mila tumblers have an eye-catching etched design and a well-proportioned form. The deep emerald green tones enhance the elegant appearance of this eye-catching assortment.

Get the Matching Decanter for a complete set Mila Decanter.

Flor Pink Wine Glasses

The Flor line offers a vintage touch to any glassware collection, whether you’re dining al fresco or entertaining indoors. This set of four wine glasses has a ribbed finish and soft pastel pink glass bowls with contrasting blue stems.

Colored Champagne Coupe Stemware in Lavender

At Pure House, we love an Estelle colored glass and these glasses in particular!

Estelle is known for her high-quality glass and colored glass collection globally.

This clear glass coupe features a sleek shape and a wide mouth opening, a beautiful way to serve sparkling water and cocktails alike. It’s perfect for both still and carbonated beverages.

Estelle Colored Glass has the most Instagrammable drinkware for your home. It’s perfect for parties, events, weddings, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and so much more.

Waterfall Highball Glass

This set provides a touch of luxury to any tabletop with its sparkling gold-tone rim and glass with a lovely blush pink ombre effect. A great addition to any bar cart and will look stylish on your dinner tablescape.

Yala Hammered Blue Glassware

The Yala wine glasses’ rich cobalt blue glass evokes the spirit of Mediterranean waters. Grab this quality glassware, for whatever occasion, as this variety of art glass will feel like it’s transporting you to warmer climates.


Happy hourglasses and goblets have been re-imagined in a “frosty” key for the new collection. The surface abandons transparency as the frosty illusion of the White Glass portrays an ice veil for drinks.


A unique way to spruce up your dinner table – with a tumbler made from glass and metal and etched with a floral pattern.
This glassware takes inspiration from Murano Glass and Carnival Glass with its vibrant colors.


Go green in style with these bright colored glass pieces made of recycled glass. They are dishwasher safe and stackable!

I love the detailing on this tumbler; it makes the glassware feel retro and like it possibly did come from your Grandmother’s green depression glass collection.

Why do we Love Estelle Colored Glass?

Amber colored Glassware

Estelle Colored Glass is a Black-owned company with an interesting background. “Estelle” was the Grandmother of founder Stephanie Summerson Hall (affectionately known as “Big Mama”), who enjoyed antiquing in the communities surrounding her home in South Carolina. “Her colorful glass collection was my favorite, which she was always adding to. This was the beginning of my fascination with tinted glass.”

Some of her collections are still created in her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. But you’ll find that most of the commissioned pieces made by glass artisans are produced in Poland, with a rich 100-plus-year-old history. But still continues to be inspired by Stephanie’s Grandmother and her vintage colored glass collection.


How can you tell the age of glassware?

Typical embossed markings include a maker’s mark or lettering on the side or base of the glass. Mold lines and machine markings may also be seen. Missing letters, irregular spacing, and other embossing flaws indicate the age of a glass.

What color of Depression glass is most valuable?

The most valued glass is pink, followed by blue and green. Rare hues like orange and lavender are generally more valuable than typical tones like yellow and amber.

How do you know if you have depression glass?

Because of the cheap cost of manufacture, Depression glass was always created exceedingly thin. Examine the glass’s edges and make sure the piece is thin and fragile overall. Because the glassware is so thin, it is also prone to chipping.