Our future is bright


Our future is bright


The current rise of artificial super-intelligence will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.   - Ray Kurzweil, futurist writer of The Singularity is Near

In The Future of Life (2002), E.O. Wilson of Harvard calculated that, if the current rate of human disruption of the biosphere continues, one-half of Earth’s higher lifeforms will be extinct by 2100.

According to UN reports, while urban densification spikes at unsustainable rates, reports from The Guardian show more and more city dwellers as feeling anxious and lonely.

Researchers from Fellowship For Intentional Community confirm that community is a happier, more meaningful way to live.

The fate of humanity is at a pivotal tipping point at this very moment.

We need a new dream powerful enough to transform human consciousness.

PUREHOUSE is where visions become reality.

We help build vibrant communities that transform people's lives.

Welcome to PUREHOUSE

Everyone is welcome here. Our dream of a better world is built upon a vision of accessibility and equality.

PUREHOUSE is an independent network of co-living projects where people live, learn, create and play in a dynamic eco-system designed to promote positivity, community and creativity. It is a beacon of light, attracting and inspiring people to live their dreams, to create from passion and to enjoy life. We believe that by actualizing our dreams, we set in motion a vibration that ripples out into the world, inspiring others to live their dreams.

PUREHOUSE welcomes a community of dreamers and doers; a new generation of activists driven by a burning passion to bring more beauty into the world while enjoying every moment. We are radical visionaries, disruptive artists, creative misfits, social change agents, systems thinkers, designers, architects, scientists and their supporters; all converging and collaborating to actualize our collective dream of humanity living in harmony with one another and nature.

Secret sauce

Community is nurtured, not built. Designing the circumstances that allow for community to emerge is an art of passion that requires sincerity, authenticity and great care. The ingredients are actually quite simple...passionate people converging around shared values to engage in transformative experiences together. As a precursor for the co-living sector (see NYT article), we've been honing our craft for some time now.