We envision a world without strangers; one humanity sharing our planet together. We envision a world where we respect and embrace one another’s differences. We know humans are destined to thrive; that abundance is the natural order.

We believe that community will bring us back together. When the shared experience and celebration of life becomes our primary point of connection, our differences become opportunities for understanding and growth. This is how we heal humanity and the planet.

We embrace dynamic stability. Like riding a bike, momentum keeps us secure. In a world where change has become a constant, it is our connection to others that fosters the internal strength to weather the winds of change. Community is the root structure that connects us to Earth.

We help build nurturing communities; creating sustainable systems that integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature. Our solutions are intended to restore faith.


SHOW UP ...and you’ve already done more than half of the work. This is the practice of saying YES in its simplest form. To show up is to say I am here, I am present, this matters to me, you matter to me. We believe in a culture of showing up.

PARTICIPATE ...in the way that speaks most true to you. This is the practice of asking the right questions. To participate is to ask: How can I help? Where can I offer support? How can I make this better for myself and the community? We believe in a culture of participating.

GIFT ...and you will find yourself living in abundance. This is the practice of orienting your mental space into one of giving without expectation of return. To gift is not just an action, it is a way of treating other people, it is a way of moving through the world. We believe in a culture of gifting.

SHARE YOUR PASSIONS ...because believe it or not that brings you one step closer towards realizing your dreams. This is the practice of hearing the world ask “who are you?” and responding by saying “WHO AM I? I am the things I love. I am the things I stand up for. I am the things I believe in”. To share your passions is to give others permission to share theirs too. We believe in a culture of sharing our passions.

NOURISH MIND / BODY / SPIRIT ...and you are actually helping everyone around you too. This is the practice of self-love and self-care in their deepest forms. To nourish yourself fully, to feed your mind, to heal your body, to free your spirit is to shine light from within, the rays touching everyone you come in contact with. We believe in a culture of nourishment.

CREATE RITUALS ...and you will find that more and more you are living the life you want to be living and doing the things you want to be doing. This is the practice of knowing what grounds you, what brightens you, what enlightens you and then making it a daily reality. To create rituals is to move through the world, through your life, through your body with intentionality. We believe in a culture of rituals.

EXPRESS GRATITUDE ...because gratitude is medicine, it is a compass, it will point you north. This is the practice that will always bring you back to a place of clarity. To express gratitude is to remember that everything is okay, you are alive, you are loved, you are not alone, and you are never alone. We believe in a culture of gratitude.

LIVE WITH INTEGRITY …period. This is the practice of holding yourself and one another accountable because ME manifesting my highest self equals YOU manifesting your highest self equals WE manifesting our highest selves. To live with integrity is live with respect for yourself, your tribe, your community, your humanity, your planet. We believe in a culture of integrity.

Written by Poppy Liu.