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Undestanding the local context


Mapping strategy & opportunity


Fostering connections to people and resources



Co-living is a new class of mixed-use real estate asset that blends residential, commercial and retail with a heavy service layer. It offers a lifestyle that is communal and collaborative, integrating live, work and play.

Why Co-Living?

More and more, humans crave community, connection and mobility. They desire access over ownership and prioritize experience. They desire flexible lifestyles that foster mobility and freedom.

Value Proposition

More living, less space. Co-living prioritizes shared space and services through a more efficient design of private space. The net effect is more value for all stakeholders; users paying less for more experience while operators make more for the efficient use of space layered with service.

Secret sauce

Pure House is recognized as a leading brand to catalyze the co-living sector (see NYT article). We are experts at designing space and an experience that fosters community. This is an art, for which most operators struggle to create. Our solutions are focused in the categories of community, space (architecture & design), model (business & organizational), policy (tax, zoning, code), communications (internal & external), and tools & services.